At Garcia SHAE, our services include promoting the education and preparedness of nursing students as a Nurse Educational Consultant. We have staff that holds both a Masters in Nursing Education and a Doctorate in Nursing Practice as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Our services include on-site as well as online education. As adjunct faculty, we will:

  • uphold the mission and vision of the organizations we affiliate with
  • support the educational goals of the students
  • support the administration’s objectives
  • provide quality instruction in the topics assigned
  • enhance open communication between ourselves, the organizations and the students
  • encourage an environment of good learning that promotes the concepts of adult learning
  • utilize an educational theory that optimizes student learning for future practice

We believe in the AFFORDABILITY of our services, the RELIABILITY of our staff, the QUALITY of our products and services and the TIMELINESS of our actions to support all our students and affiliate organizations.

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